With the constant need for messaging to stay connected, the young generation often cannot understand the dos and don’ts of chatting. We tell you how you can keep your texts flowing smooth without overdoing it.

Do not change your status that often
Twenty three-year-old Dhwani Karia is extremely particular about modifying her profile as it may mislead the guy. She says, “I neither change my display picture nor my status for weeks. Guys tend to feel that any sort of change on a girl’s profile is because of them, which may or may not be the case.”

Be careful about what you say
There are times when you would want your conversations to flow without having to worry about the consequences. However, as ideal as it may seem, the guy on the other side can totally judge you. So, make sure that you know what you are speaking. Second- year student Vidhi Naik says, “There are times when I stalk this guy that I like on social media. However, when we chat, I try not revealing that I’ve been keeping a track on him.”

Using his lines on him
Paying attention to what he says counts. Showing interest on anything he tells you is necessary. Sonakshi Arora, a 23-year-old IT executive, says, “To suggest that I remember our conversations, I use lines he has previously used. This keeps our conversation light and going.”

Don’t overuse emoticons! Keep it to the bare minimum. Marketing professional Shriya Shenoy says, “I don’t want the guy to know what I am thinking and emoticons tend to show what might not come across in simple texts. Keep the mystery on without revealing too much about yourself.”

 Keep it terse
 Most girls like to keep it low without going overboard with their interactions. Rishika Moghe, a English literature student, says, “I keep the texts extremely short. Saying too much too soon can make one sound eager.”
 Do not reply too soon or too late
 Keep in mind the time you take to reply. While replying too soon is not a good idea, so is taking too much time. While the former can make you look desperate, the latter can make the other person lose interest in you.