A teenager has been arrested on the charges of brutally raping and murdering his 15-year-old girlfriend and hiding her body inside a cabinet in an abandoned apartment.According to a Mirror report, police officials recovered the half-naked body of Karen Parez, 15, stuffed inside a closed cabinet in an apartment in Houston, Texas.Investigators said that they came across a video clip showing Karen’s last moments, supposedly filmed by her boyfriend. In the video, the accused can be heard calling the victim by her name and forcing her to have sex with him.Police alleged that the accused choked the victim only after she refused to have sex with him, following which he forced himself on her.The victim can also be heard pleading for her life in the recovered video clip. She can be heard saying, “I don’t want to die.”Parez (victim) with her teenage boyfriend (accused). Parez was just 15-year-old when she died.Karen Parez (victim) with her teenage boyfriend (accused). Parez was just 15-year-old when she died.Investigators also said that the crime was first reported to the police by the accused’s father. Initially when the girl went missing, her family filed a police complaint and asked police to go to her boyfriend’s house.Meanwhile, the boyfriend and his father went out in search of the victim.As they drove around searching for Karen, the accused told his father to drive back home, mentioning that Karen was dead. His father then called up the police to inform them about the murder.A case has been registered in a juvenile court and the accused is due to appear in the court on Thursday.