This milk is something special. Only then its price is Rs 75 per liter. Its clients include well-known personalities from Pune and Mumbai, over 4 thousand.
Like Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Hrithik Roshan, Shilpa Shetty, Adi Godrej, Garware, and Shabana Azmi. Fully computerized milk in the production process is not quite human hands touch. All organic milk free of such chemicals.
It is also the title of milk cows and cows ‘VIP’ is not less than. Catering and everything luxurious lifestyle. Located near Bhimashankar cost Rs 35 crore for this form of every cow imported from Kerala Koyrfom rubber-coating is a special mattress.
The price of seven thousand rupees each. Eating alfalfa hay, oats, like Cotnseeds Haiprotin Diet buffet. Rose multijet shower for bathing.
They are spun 35 acres of open form. Their different place to live, eat and sleep for varying different. Dairy president Devendra Saha says, “We are extremely aware of consumer quality.