Apple’s App Store may be home to millions of great apps, but the Cupertino-based tech giant has never shied away from showing the door to controversial and useless apps. Here are some apps that got kicked out of the Apple App Store for one reason or the other.
Dogwars was an app that involved users feeding and training their virtual dogs and making them fight against other players’ virtual dogs. Unsurprisingly, the app wasn’t received very well by animal rights activists and soon led to public outrage. What followed next was a petition on and Dogwars was soon taken off from not just Apple App Store, but also Google Play Store.
Rumour has it that this app was rejected by Steve Jobs himself. Tawkon Radiation Detector detected cellular radiation based on many factors like environmental conditions, cell tower distance and more. The creators of the app had to wait a for long time to get it approved. However, it was rejected as Apple thought it would scare users.
Imagine paying $1,000 for an app that does absolutely nothing. Well, that’s what ‘I am rich’ app was all about. Priced at an insane $1,000, all that the app did was add a red diamond to the user’s phone’s background with the catchphrase – “I am rich I deserv it. I am rich healthy and successful” (and yes, it did spell ‘deserve’ wrong). Quite a ‘deserving’ candidate for being thrown out of the App Store, don’t you think?
This one needs no introduction. Wikileaks got banned from App Store for leaking (obviously) classified government documents. We can’t really blame Apple for banning it.
 iTether allowed users to turn their iPhones into portable modems. As useful as it sounds, it was shown the door by Apple as it “burdened the carrier network”. Other than this, carriers did not permit unauthorized tethering as per their terms of service.
The app played the Psycho theme whenever a user grabbed his iPhone and replicated ‘a stabbing motion’. A series of teen stabbing incidents were reported just days after the app was released. Little surprising then that the app was pulled down in just few days.Whenever a user launched this app, it showed a crying infant on the device and the only way to stop this was by violently shaking the iPhone.
Following this, two red-coloured ‘X’ marks appeared over the infant’s eyes. Baby Shaker app was frowned upon by child protection groups.Some people even said that the app promoted infanticide. It was soon banned from the App Store.
 Based on legendary rapper Eminem’s ‘3 am’ music video, the app featured the star walking down the streets in a violent fashion. Eminem is said to have wanted the app to release along with his ‘Relapse’ album. However, this didn’t happen and eventually the ‘Relapse’ app was pulled from the App Store.
Herb Converter was a dream come true for weed dealers. The app could calculate fractions and convert ounces to grams in moments. Those who wanted weed could even use additional features like marijuana prices and availability. Needless to say, Apple tossed it out of the App Store.Remember when a shoe was flinged at the former US president George W Bush. ‘My Shoe’ allowed users to virtually do that again and again. The app was removed from the Apple App Store soon.