Ninja Turtles Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonard continue to wage their discreet battle against the perpetrators of crime in New York. Their nemesis Shredder makes a re-entry into their lives and hires a genius scientist to create his own army of mutants. In his tryst to become all-powerful, Shredder befriends the dangerous alien Krang, who has a war machine that can destroy the planet. Can the Ninja Turtles save the world from this calamity?  Well, unlike the insipid earlier edition, there is a genuine effort to create a coherent story this time around. To say that this one is notches above its dull predecessor on every count is not overplaying the praise. There is a marked improvement in the writing, even if it isn’t consistent. You can’t miss the fact that the screenplay’s focus remains on the titular characters and their pathos, despite the constant tug to orchestrate lofty action pieces. The Ninja Turtles stand out as individual characters with distinct personalities, each of whom have their own share of pain to deal with. Their inferiority complex and desire to be acknowledged helps play the emotional card with great subtlety.And yet, director Dave Green doesn’t let the tone turn grim. There is incessant banter, ample swag talk and the kittenish Megan Fox to keep the mood light. You gotta love the scene in which Michaelangelo does a little public jig at Halloween. But this installment comes with its own set of drawbacks. As the movie moves unravels its sci-fi angle, the story goes back to the ridiculous ways of its earlier editions. Luckily, Green never lets you ponder over the silliness. Instead, he delivers some slick action sequences (water rapid chases, skate fights and sky diving) to keep you hooked. He doesn’t shy away from attributing his love for thrills to the Fast and Furious series. As homage, he gets one of turtles to quip “What would Vin Diesel do?” before he leaps out of an airplane. This is strictly popcorn entertainment which is good while it lasts but offers nothing to take back home.