Tribe living in a village in Cambodia between the openness about sex is more than the rest of society. The father lost his teenage daughters to make love, so that he can stay the night with her boyfriend. Mpovr Kreung tribe holds that women are this way. Sexual violence is non-existent …
A home for girls from 9 to 13 years are created. In different parts of the world where sex before marriage is considered Taboo, while the family member by encouraging many to consider shocking. Located in the northeast of Cambodia is considered very old tradition in the village.
Tribe also holds that girls living with such different boys could elect her husband. 21-year-old girl who lives in the same village Nang Chan also believes that the way the girls confidence and he is better able to make decisions.
However, despite the relaxation of the couple spending time together at night it is expected that the day may not be visible with the two. For as long as the marriage is not Angejment. The villagers also say that the Dayvors and sexual violence is non-existent.