A 12-year-old Dundas, Ont., boy who had been missing since Saturday morning has been found dead. He had limited mobility and walked with a limp, police said.

Hamilton Police said in a media release Sunday they were “deeply saddened to confirm” that Finnigan Danne’s body had been located.

Danne went missing from his home at 1 Trudy Ct. on Saturday. He had a neuromuscular disorder and used a wheelchair.

Police conducted a ground search for Danne through much of the weekend, led by the service’s public order unit. The effort included the mounted unit, ATVs and the canine unit, and about 200 residents who volunteered to help.

Police issued an amber alert for Danne on Sunday afternoon, and cancelled it not long after, when they found his body at around 3:30 p.m. ET.

Neighbours near Danne’s home said his body was found in a culvert in the area.

Moira Leggate was one of the volunteer searchers. She told CBC News she was taking a pause from the search to get water Sunday afternoon when she heard screams of “We need help!” Along with other residents, she rushed over, but police got there first and blocked off the area.

“People came together. I think you would expect that,” said Susan Jervis, another volunteer searcher. “It’s a very family-oriented community here, a lot of people have kids, and I think every parent would think, ‘Good lord, if that was my child I would want help.’ ”

Both Leggate and Jervis said the culvert where Danne was found was a popular spot where children often played.

Danne was last seen wearing a white T-shirt with a Special Olympics logo, and grey shorts. He was also barefoot.

An autopsy has been scheduled for an undisclosed time, and police continue to investigate.

“No other details can be released at this time,” the police release said. “Hamilton Police wish to thank members of the public and media for their support and assistance in the search for Finnigan.”