A 9th grade student, who according to locals was mentally unstable, was burnt alive in a van close to her house in Makol village near Donga Gali in Abbottabad district. Police said three teams have been constituted to find out the killers in the mountainous area of the Hazara division.  The body of Ambreen, the daughter of a poor labourer, was recovered from a completely burnt van on Friday.

The graphic picture of the completely gutted body of the young lady shocked everyone after it went viral on the social media. A local resident, Abdullah, approached journalists to highlight the issue so that the family is provided justice. “She was apparently kidnapped, raped and burnt alive after tying her to the back seat with a wire,” said Abdullah.

He later identified the girl as Ambreen, a grade-9 student. He added that the girl belonged to a poor family and the police arrived after the issue was highlighted by the mainstream and social media.

Others said the family had stopped sending her to school due to her unstable mental condition.  The police said they were investigating to find as to how she was taken to the place and later killed so brutally.

“Three teams have been constituted for the profiling of every male member in the village. A CCTV camera shows no vehicular movement from outside so it is believed the murderer is from within the village,” Regional Police Officer, Hazara Range, Mohammad Saeed Wazir told The News.

Another official said that since the postmortem of the body couldn’t be performed, nor any swabs taken, it cannot be confirmed if she was sexually assaulted or otherwise. “Our men are on it and the case will be worked out soon,” the official said, adding that two vehicles were burnt in the incident.

Donga Gali Police Station has lodged the case and started questioning the male members, especially those involved in suspicious movements. “The killer is most probably from within the village,” the official said.

The incident has happened after a couple of days when a man slaughtered his sister Sumaira in Karachi in honour-related killing. Many were shocked to see the critically wounded girl dumped outside her house. She was seen crying for help while her brother was playing with his cellphone.