A teaspoon of donkey milk is priced at Rs 50, after hours of waiting, people take

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Cow, buffalo, goat’s milk than Untoni then let everyone know about the benefits. But these days, people like to drink the milk rather than milk are female donkey. India Visakhapatnam people wait hours in donkey’s milk to stand. The milk price of 50, 100 liter but is Rs 2000 liters. Even with the heavy price they are buying Why people keep buying this milk milk so expensive …
It is believed that in donkey’s milk to breast milk may have similar properties. The milk in the baby’s body to enhance immune functions. Therefore, milk is considered beneficial for the newborn. Asthma and cough by drinking the milk problem is diagnosed. The wholesome goodness of milk is rare and easily accessible. The high amount of elements such as lysozyme in milk are found. Which are beneficial for the health of the child.

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