Tea and coffee both have their different flavor and benefits. Both are known to give alarming effect after drinking in morning. The higher amount of caffeine present in coffee is a bit more helpful to get rid of hangover or tiredness. Some studies conducted on mental health shows that people who drink coffee often has a less chance to get depression. Again it is proven that the tea has better calming effects than coffee. Research shows that people drinking more tea have a tendency to show a gentle and calm behavior in public in compare to people having coffee. Also tea contains less caffeine so one can enjoy good sleep after tea. If we see about the antioxidant content both are on same side. Both the drinks give equal protection against diseases like diabetes and cancer. Some research suggests that both reduce the cholesterol level. The only thing we need to keep in mind while having these beverages is to take only 2-3 cups a day. Also use moderate sugar and low fat milk to your tea or coffee.