Taylor Swift amped up the sex appeal for her new Vogue cover that sees the singer transformed into a rock and roll queen as she continues to keep mum about her ongoing ‘saga’ with Kanye West.
The 26-year-old sports a shaggy platinum bob, a slinky sequined slip dress, and chunky platform boots on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine’s May issue, but when asked about Kanye bragging about making her famous while suggesting that they one day may have sex on one of his new tracks, Taylor had nothing to say.
‘I think the world is so bored with the saga,’ Taylor told the magazine. ‘I don’t want to add anything to it, because then there’s just more.’
Taylor’s complicated relationship with Kanye began seven years ago after the rapper stole the mic from her during her MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech and argued that Beyoncé should have won the award.
And when it appeared as though the famous pair were making a move toward repairing their rift, Kanye released his latest album in February, The Life of Pablo, which contains the lyric: ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b***h famous.’
The controversial lyric sparked outrage among Taylor’s fans, and even motivated her brother Austin to post an Instagram video of himself trashing a pair of Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers.
Although Kanye later spoke out to insist that he had not meant to ‘diss’ Taylor, but was in fact using the term ‘b***h’ as a way of indicating that they are close friends, Taylor’s die-hard fans refused to be placated, and continued to slam the rapper for his use of such an offensive phrase.
Just a few days later, Taylor took to the stage at the Grammys after winning Album of the Year and spoke out against those who ‘try to undercut your success’, which many took to be her way of hitting back at Kanye – despite the fact that she never mentioned him by name.

‘I guess what I wanted to call attention to in my speech at the Grammys was how it’s going to be difficult if you’re a woman who wants to achieve something in her life – no matter what,’ Taylor told Vogue of the message.
But while Taylor might have been reluctant to discuss her ongoing feud with rapper Kanye, she was more than happy to wax lyrical about her relationship with fellow music star Calvin Harris.
During the interview, which took place at a friend’s wedding, Taylor described her relationship with the singer as ‘magical’, saying: ‘I’m just taking things as they come.
‘I’m in a magical relationship right now. And of course I want it to be ours, and low-key . . . this is the one thing that’s been mine about my personal life.’
Indeed, Taylor lamented the fact that she felt as though she was being ‘slaughtered’ by the public during her early 20s for ‘going on a normal amount of dates’, suggesting that the way in which her love life was so closely critiqued made her withdraw from the dating world for two years.
‘Should I have had to do that? No,’ she added.