Two men questioned over the murder of a Tasmanian woman whose body was found hidden inside a torched home have been released without charge.
A 57-year-old man who lived at the Clarendon Vale home where Michelle Meade’s remains were found and another man, 38, who lived nearby were arrested on Thursday.
The men were questioned on Friday and have been released without charge, police said on Saturday.
Investigators were on Saturday continuing to gather evidence from the fire-damaged house.
A 33-year-old woman charged with arson over the Tuesday fire that caused about $150,000 damage to the semi-detached property in Saladin Circle remains in custody and has not been charged with further offences.
Ms Meade, 51, was last seen in the Hobart suburb of New Town on September 16.
While located in part of the house not touched by the blaze, her remains were not immediately recognisable and investigators had to rely on an autopsy for identification.
Police say she died of “significant injuries” and believe considerable efforts were made to hide her body.
Investigators also believe people in the neighbourhood where her body was found know what happened.