Many believe that following a routine can be very boring, but that’s not always true. Doing similar things everyday for a brief period of time can bring a lot of pleasure. It can change the way you function and also give you a new perspective  about life.

Morning–Stretching in the morning can kick start your day and keep you energetic for most of the day. You can simply start by stretching your back by bending forward or extend  your hands upwards which gives your back a good stretch. Here are few more stretches you can do in the morning.

Breakfast–Since it is the most important and the first meal of the day, make sure it is rich in carbohydrates as you need the energy to sustain through the morning. Here’s a South Indian Crepe Adai recipe to give your morning the much-needed start.

Lunch–It’s a commonly misbelieved that eating rice makes you fat or interferes with your weight loss plan. But that is far from true, rice can actually help in weight loss and you can make many different recipes with rice that are healthy. This rice with mixed vegetable is one such  recipe.

Dinner–.For a protein-rich dinner, you can try this soya bhurji. You can also add different vegetable like bell peppers, carrots, French beans to make this recipe even more healthy. If you are non-vegetarian, just replace the soy with eggs and you are good to go!

Snacks–Who doesn’t love vada pav? It tastes like heaven and is also rich in carbohydrates and proteins. However, it commonly deemed as junk food because it is deep fried. But, here’s a healthy version of vada pav that will kill you hunger pangs and satiate your soul.


At home–Who says exercising at home can’t give you a ripped or a lean body? You can always substitute dumbbells  with things like a filled water bottle. Here’s one video for toning your arms at home.

At the gym–Belly fat is one of the most common problem among many people as it is the most difficult to get rid of. If you are working out at the gym, you can put these 7 secrets from a gym trainer to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Yoga–Marjariasana, also called the cat stretch is excellent to stretch your back muscles.  It is believed that if perform properly, marjariasana can help in reducing back pain. It is best that you perform this asana at the end of a long day because most of us spend our day sitting at the desk and suffer from back ache.

Sleep Well tip– Take a bath with cold water. It is the summer and if you living in a city like Mumbai or Chennai where it is humid, a cold shower at the end of the day not only helps in washing away all the sweat  but it also relaxes you completely.