A woman who racially abused and assaulted a teenage girl on a Sydney train during an outburst of unprovoked violence has been jailed for one year.

Nicole Boyle, 35, called the 15-year-old girl of Asian heritage a “chink”, dragged her by her hair into the aisle of a Lidcombe-bound train and then slapped her across the face.

The incident was one of two separate racist tirades unleashed by Boyle on June 8, 2015. She pleaded guilty last year to assault and using offensive language in a public place.
In facts accepted by the court, the teenager had been travelling with two friends on the train when Boyle and her friend boarded their carriage at Parramatta just before 2pm on June 8 last year.

Smelling strongly of alcohol and cigarettes, Boyle unleashed a racial tirade referring to the teenager and her friends as the “f—ing chinks behind us” and saying “this c— needs to go back to eating rice”.

The 15-year-old attempted to ignore Boyle, turning her body towards her friend and looking at the ground as the 35-year-old continued the racial taunts.

“I almost made an Indian jump in front of a train because I was chasing him,” Boyle said.

When the 15-year-old commented to her friend “she has a pretty good tan for someone who is white,” Boyle accused her of calling her “white trash” and threatened to headbutt her.

CCTV then captured her pulling the teenager by the hair into the aisle and slapping her across the face, before Boyle and her friend got off the train.

Describing her behaviour as “unacceptable” Magistrate Alex Mijovich ordered Boyle into the dock at Burwood Local Court on Tuesday as he sentenced her to one year in jail with a three month non-parole period.

Though she had since undergone drug and alcohol counselling, her history of similar offending, which spanned 15 years, meant the “threshold for a custodial sentence has passed,” Mr Mijovich said.

“This has occurred in a public place, on a train. People should be able travel safely.”

He rejected outright the claim by her defence lawyer Michael Fantin that her outburst wasn’t racially motivated but was “an escalated confrontation.”

“Any confrontation that occurred was instigated by yourself,” Mr Mijovich said to Boyle.

In a second incident several hours later, Boyle was arrested by police at Blacktown bus interchange after screaming racist epithets on a bus packed with families returning from a rugby league match, the police records revealed.

Boyle, who had been drinking beer earlier in the day while watching the match, continued to abuse passengers on the platform as she was escorted from the bus by police.

At one point, as police issued her a language warning she yelled: “f— off. I am not being offensive. You wanna see offensive. I’ll give you offensive. I’ll go smash the black c— while you’re here.”

By the time she was arrested, Boyle’s racial slurs had “covered every possible continent” and “all nationalities”, Mr Mijovich said. Boyle kissed her partner goodbye before she was taken into custody and escorted away by officers.