THE mother of a young artist allegedly murdered by her on-off boyfriend has called out for justice in a Sydney court. Cherie Vize died after being stabbed in the neck by now-quadriplegic man Michael James Quinn before he turned a knife on himself in the yard of the Wollongong home he shared with his family in 2013.

“He killed my daughter,” an emotional Evansueda Vize said during Quinn’s judge-alone Supreme Court murder trial yesterday.

“Your honour, I want justice for my daughter.”

The trial has previously heard Quinn’s mother tried to stop the bleeding from the woman’s neck and hold her up before ambulances arrived.

Mrs Vize began to cry as she recalled a social worker from the Wollongong hospital ringing her on the day of her daughter’s death. She said she called a taxi for her and her husband and heard a news report about a stabbing.

“I knew it’s my daughter,” she told the court. “That’s Cherie. That’s my daughter.”

The court heard Ms Vize was a talented artist who had been accepted into the National Art School and tutored children, adults and disabled people. Mrs Vize told the court Quinn would ring the family’s Dolans Bay home so often late at night that she would unplug the phone and turn off her daughter’s mobile.

She said the happy young woman began to change when things became serious with Quinn. “I’m suffocated by my relationship with Michael,” Mrs Vize recalled her daughter saying around three months before she died. Lawyers for Quinn, who has pleaded not guilty to murder, claim he accidentally stabbed Ms Vize during a struggle.