The Swedish Wikipedia is the Swedish language edition of Wikipedia and was started on 23 May 2001.It is currently the second largest Wikipedia by article-count with its 3,782,008 current articles, though the average size of its articles is considerably lower than almost all other editions.This is reflected by a low article depth of 5 compared to the German edition’s 100.6 and the French’s 211.9, which both have fewer articles than the Swedish Wikipedia.

Swedish Wikipedia has some conventions that differ from other editions of Wikipedia.Also, vandalism is generally defined as either klotter (meaning “doodle” or “graffiti”) and vandalism which applies to more serious cases, the worst being mobbningsklotter (“cyberbullying”) which can lead to an almost immediate block from editing. Lastly, the 66 administrators on the Swedish Wikipedia are elected for a fixed-term period of one year and have to be re-elected after that time.