Police have arrested a suspect after a woman said a man tried to kidnap her near Niagara Falls on Sunday morning. The woman told Niagara Regional Police that she was walking through a parking lot on her way to work at a local hotel when she saw a grey Infinity SUV driving slowly beside her around Victoria Avenue and Ellen Street

Police said that as she continued to walk toward the entrance of her place of work, a male driver cut her off and blocked her from the front doors.

The suspect opened the passenger side door and got out of his car from the driver’s side. He then walked toward the woman, according to police, and used the “bear hug” technique to grab her from behind.

The woman told police that the man told her to get in his vehicle.

The woman started swinging her arms to break free from the suspect’s grip. She realized he was barefoot and stomped on his feet until he let go of her. The woman ran into a nearby building and called police.

Police said a similar incident occurred in the area, but that the suspect in that case was also unsuccessful at kidnapping a victim.

Niagara Falls resident Jordan Belanger, 28, was arrested on Sunday and charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping.

Police are urging anyone with more information to come forward.