If you thought you knew all about sex, think again! Some of the facts mentioned below would leave you gaping in amazement.

Men ejaculate at an average speed of 45 kmph. The fastest speed at which erotic sensations travel in women, from the vagina to the brain is 251 kmph. That is why it is hard to rein in your urges!

There cannot be a more agreeable way of maintaining dental health as well as being fit than this. Sex for half an hour burns around 150 calories while that for a minute helps you lose around 26 calories. Kissing would also clean your mouth as you salivate more, although having multiple partners poses the risk of infection.

If the arousal is enticing enough, men can have more than 11 erections in a day! This is more than the six times they think about sex in a day. So guys, do not underestimate yourself!

Sex makes your skin beautiful. Besides the positive impact of burning calories, sex also releases oestrogen in women. This hormone makes your hair shine and also makes the skin smooth.

Homosexuality was not considered normal even as late as 1973 in USA. It used to be in the list of mental diseases of American Psychiatric Association.

If your partner complains of headache for avoiding sex, tell him or her to skip the pill and jump in the sac instead. The endorphins released during sex helps to relieve you from headache. It can act as a cure and you surely do not need a prescription for this.It has been estimated that more than 100 million sexual intercourses happen every day.