Sunny Leone’s Bollywood journey so far has been quite impressive and satisfying for her. And the actress now has added another feather to her cap, by turning into a writer!

Yes, you read that right. Sunny has penned down a book titled ‘Sweet Dreams’, which includes 12 short erotic stories. She said when the publishing house came to her with the idea of writing 12 short erotic stories, she took it up as a challenge and finished them in a span of three months.

“Juggernaut (publishing house) came to me and proposed the idea of 12 short stories in this genre. It was a personal challenge for me to able to do it. I took about three months to write those. The story, ‘7 E’, was the most difficult because that was the first one,” she said.

Even though the stories talk about seduction, Leone ensured that she wrote everything in a subtle manner keeping in mind the sensitivity of her readers. “I wrote these stories, from what I thought a woman would like to read. For me it was important when someone is reading it, especially women, they should not cringe or say ‘it is too much for me to handle’. I wanted it to be in the slightly romantic zone.”

Sharing her experience of venturing into the area for the first time, Sunny said, “Writing wasn’t on my mind. I thought about different stories and ideas throughout the years but nothing really that I wrote down. This is the first time I have written something like this. When I was younger I had a diary, my mother read it, and that was the end of the diary.”