Ever since this gorgeous damsel marked her debut in Bollywood there has been no looking back. Sunny Leone not only got her numbers on being hot and beautiful, she even scored high on the list of one of the most controversial actress.

Well, she is the most Googled Indian celebrity, which proves that people want to know each and every detail about this divas life. On the occasion of her 35th Birthday, Dailybhaskar.com brings to you an exclusive interview of the gorgeous lady, on topics which she rarely touched before. In conversation she recollects her early days of bankruptcy with her husband Daniel Weber and how they got married even when they had no money.

Currently creating waves in Bollywood Sunny also pin points one really annoying thing about the industry and that being unpunctuality. She also speaks about motherhood and the duo wanting to start their sweet little family and much more.

Mentioned below are the excerpts from the conversation:

How are you celebrating your birthday this year? What are the plans?

I am working on Splitsvilla (MTV reality show) this year on my birthday. I don’t have plans but I know my team has planned something and my husband (Daniel Weber) is flying from the US to be with me. Other than that I don’t expect much as I am not much of a party animal myself. For me a birthday is just another day, nothing special. The only person I expect a birthday call from is my brother, my in-laws and Daniel.
What’s the most memorable surprise you have ever received from Daniel on your Birthday?

I am a lucky girl as he is always gifting me things. One year he gave me this emerald necklace he designed. What made it all the more special is the fact that my mother-in-law put one of her family diamonds on it.

In the past people used to stay away from working with you, but now even big actors like Shah Rukh Khan or even Aamir Khan for that matter are showing interest in working with you. What do you think has led to this change?

I can’t pin point the exact reason, but I am happy for it. I want to meet new people and work with them. I am very thankful to Aamir for his humble words and also a big thank you to Shah Rukh Khan for giving me the opportunity to actually work with him (in a dance number in ‘Raees’). It was such an amazing feeling to be able to work in the same film as his.
Did you ever think that you would get an opportunity to work in Bollywood?

No not at all. I always dreamt and wanted to make main stream films and since I have come here I am so happy to be in Bollywood. I will never take this opportunity for granted and will always work hard.

As a kid how fond were you of Hindi films? Which movies did you see? Who were your favourite actors?

During my growing up days, I remember we used to have ‘movie nights’ in my family. It was always a very special night for the entire family. During these nights my parents made an amazing meal or ordered pizza and we would sit together in the living room with our blankets and stay up late watching movies. I don’t remember many titles, but I can recollect a few films which we saw then – ‘Dil’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Khalnayak’ among others.
When you were new to India, Mumbai you faced problems in finding accommodation. Have things changed now?

I did not face problems with people renting out their apartments to us. That was created by the media for their own gain. In fact it was the other way around that the owners were all overly excited that we (celebrities like Sunny-Daniel) showed up looking at their homes.

Tell us three things about your and Daniel’s relationship which no one knows.

One. Daniel and I had a long distance relationship for about six months.

Two. I really admire the fact that through the death of both my parents (mother and father) Daniel was there backing me as a strong support and even took care of my brother.

Three. Daniel and I started our business together with no money and took credit loans and when we got married we had no money but made it work because we loved each other!
You have turned 34, what’s your take on motherhood? For you, when is the right time to become a mother?

I have no idea at this moment when that will happen. Both Daniel and I discuss about the same but we always end the conversation that we must wait a little longer. But we both do want a family.

As an actress where do you see yourself in Bollywood in the next five years?

Hopefully still working and making movies.
What’s the one thing you like about Bollywood; and the one thing you dislike about Bollywood?

The one thing I like about Bollywood is the fact that I get to fulfill my dreams here. And the one thing I dislike is the unpunctuality. Everyone is always late. LOL I am working on adjusting myself to this pattern.

Tell us about your favourite Bollywood movies of the recent times.

That has to be ‘Bajiro Mastani’. I liked how Sanjay Leela Bansali made every frame look like a piece of art. Even the acting and performances were beautiful.

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