Students and teachers at a school in Malaysia a ‘ghost appearance’ claims. Students say that he not only saw the ghost, but then heard screams. It has been decided to close the school. The headlines in the international media …
There have been appearing in front of ghost stories before, but instead decided to close an institution is not normal. The closing of the school, has joined the international media reports. BBC, Independent, The Sun, including the Daily Mail has all the media coverage the incident.
According to the local media, the fear of ghosts has spread to enough people. It began when a teacher at the school SKM Pengkaln Chepa -2 Experience claimed to be supernatural. The school is located in the city of Kota Bru. On Thursday, it was decided to close. 3 cases of alleged ghost appearing is being claimed.
Not the principal Siti air ‘suffering’ are constantly claimed to see a figure Blag. By Wednesday, 50 students and 11 teachers claimed to be an experience. Some students canteen, hall, classroom-looking ghost photo claimed.
There are 1044 students and 84 teachers in the school. In some cases since the start of the ghost in the Islamic traditional Sunday School experts, scholars and doctors were called to try to alleviate the discomfort. According to Free Malaysia Today, despite continued problems and people are in panic.