Chennai: more than one million people in the bikes are made. Petrol, Diesel-powered bikes are now also have the water. But recently, a bike created by students of Tamil Nadu, which will run on hydrogen gas. Liter hydrogen moving at 148 kilometers an …
Arvis Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, the automobile engineering department students of the School of Engineering and Technology R. Balaji, Gautham Raj, Jerry George Khalid Ibrahim and together they have created a unique bike. Students said the bike is almost 148 kilometers on a liter of hydrogen putting that way.
These students say where other vehicles can pollute the environment created in our bike is eco-friendly. The four-stroke engine in our study is the successful use of hydrogen. Assistant Professor P. our project. Lakshmanan did guide us.
1 liter of hydrogen joins Rs 30
Please tell the hydrogen gas compared to petrol and diesel in India is much cheaper. 30 to Rs. / Liter of hydrogen found in the bike after putting in half the money spent on fuel can be. Balaji said engine fitted in the bike every 1,000 km. After the cleaning is required. Simple 4-stroke bike to make hydrogen-based would cost you just Rs 7.