Chinese people are quite fond of shopping. You can also shop for second hand clothing. Nothing in this country is legal to sell and buy. Today we are going to tell you about the 10 strangest things can only be purchased in China. Now the air is already so toxic tin joins clean air …
China’s air is already quite Poluted. This is because the cans can be purchased off the pure air.
The man hired to get caught in jam

China’s population of 1.3 billion live in the day of traffic jams. This is because if caught in the jam car hires to care for the man. In the meantime you can sleep comfortably on the back seat.
Tea leaf is the only Virgin can break

Leaf tea grown in China’s Henan province, can only virgin girls break. For this they have to use hands instead of the mouth.
Panda T

Panda T’s most expensive tea in the world counts. The price of one kg pack is more than 50 million. You have made these t dried panda potty.

Americans stand with the people of China in meetings buy. These overseas rent See here.
See the crab vending machine

Twin Lakes Crab name of the company in 2010, China had set up a vending machine, which can be bought live crab. All you need to be putting money into the machine and you will live crab.
Robot sells food

There are numerous places in China where robots that serve food. Some robots can be made so the noodles and chicken.
Dwarf Tour

In China 13 thousand acre resort is completely full of dwarfs. The human being is the only trip.
See you in the chain of animals alive

There is great demand in China’s rings. The small animals are alive. These animals survive without air and food take 3 to 4 months.
Replace Obama Fried Chicken KFC

In 2011, China’s Bisnesman called Obama Fried Chicken shop had started. It became very popular in a short time.