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Colchester: many people in the world who are victims of disease peculiar. A girl like that in England is of Indian origin, Ira Saxena. Ira 3 weeks ago, was absolutely fine, but one morning when 9-year-old girl gave it constantly sneezes, he has started picking. what happened then…
Ira Priya’s mother was normal before. But maybe he did not stop sneezing hours Ira got no allergies or colds. Priya Ira’s mother gave him the drugs, but also did not affect her. Gradually increased her sneeze. Now that the day is about 8 thousand times sneeze. Ie about 6 times in a minute.
Ira does not sneeze it only when you sleep. But he constantly sneezing starts rising. The reason he did not get to school. The food has been difficult. Priya shown by many doctors. All of the drugs did different things, but to no avail. Even doctors are surprised. However, the doctor did not tell anyone yet that is what happened to Ira.