It needs some attitude to carry oneself in a distressed jeans and aubergine coloured high-low kurti coupled with stilettos. Sania Mirza nailed this look with elegance and looked class apart. Her simple stone-studded earrings that matched the subtle embroidery on her kurti complemented her look with perfection. As she walked in to The Label Bazaar held at Park Hyatt, she outshined those models and fashionistas.   Interaction with Hyderabad Express, she said she is waiting to shop at the bazaar and that spoils people for choice, with price ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2 lakh. “It has become bigger, better and bolder this year,” she smiles looking at her sister and brother-in-law. “I don’t endorse a product that I don’t believe him, even if they are family. This is really an amazing exhibition. One can get the best of the shopping experience. This year, the have got big designers, which is appreciable,” she adds.Talking about the bond with her sister, she smiles and says, “We are eight years apart. I still treat her like a baby. When we out, I don’t see if people are around, I still have the habit of pinching her cheeks and pampering her. I still can’t digest that she is engaged already. Watching my baby organise such a big event makes me feel immensely proud,”shares the proud sister.Sania’s Instagram followers must be aware that she patiently sits, when her stylists just enhance her gorgeousness, she laughs and says, “What choice do I have than sitting patiently?” She feels, with the increase of social media, there is a demand to look stylish. “Within five minutes of posting a pic, thousands of comments pour in about what should or shouldn’t have been done. Honestly, I like fashion though I don’t fathom it,” she laughs. “I have a great team of stylists. Bianca is my makeup artist, while Meena does my hair. They have been with me for years now. My sister too styles to a large extent. I also have another style team, which is style by AMI,” Hyderabad’s pride informs.Sania’s favourite comfy clothes are a pair of jeans and t-shirts. She says a white t-shirt is something she swears by. “I can sleep, walk a ramp and go on tours in jeans and t-shirt,” she beams.A decade ago, Sania created a stir in the world of fashion. Her nose ring became a style statement. Sania laughs and with modesty and says, “I just got a nose ring, because I felt it looks good on me. I was surprised when it became a trend,” says the tennis Doubles World No.1 voices. Sania recently released her book ‘Ace Against Odds’ with great pomp and show – Shah Rukh and Salman Khan launched it. She worked for six to seven years on the book. “A lot of things have been heard and written about me in the last 15 years and that doesn’t focus on my side of the story. I wanted to tell the world about my side of story,” she quips.Asked on why we can’t find statistics, she says the book is to know about her as the statistics are easily available on internet. “The  book is an ode to me. It is for my fans and family to know about how I felt during all the struggles. It about how we can ace against the million odds, in my case billion odds that we fight in our lives,” she firmly voices.Sania is leaving for Rio Olympics today and is uber excited about it. “As athletes we look forward for Olympics and this is my third time. It’s a dream come to represent India,” she sharesAbout her diet, this tennis champ informs that she is gluten intolerant. “I am on gluten-free diet and high carb diet, which people who want to lose can’t follow. Since, we put more effort and need more power, we stick to it. It also includes lot of protein. Of course cardio and other workout regime is on,” India’s Tennis No.1 concludes.