A shocking news about the illegal business of human skulls at a medical college in Bihar has appeared. The abhorring activity was exposed during a sting operation by Hindi Daily Dainik Bhaskar at Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur.

It was found that cleanliness workers in the hospital deal in the business of unclaimed human bodies. They remove the flesh from the body with their hands and then sell the skull to medical students, a report in the daily said on Tuesday.

MBBS students have to study two papers on human anatomy in the first years of their course. For these papers, students buy artificial skulls from the market which cost between Rs 15 to Rs 50,000. However, they manage to buy natural skulls from sweepers for about Rs 8000.

During the sting operation, one of the sweepers explained in graphic detail as to how they separate the flesh and skull and store the latter. The sweeper said that after removing the flesh, they boil the skull and store it in boxes when it is completely dry.

The sweeper said that they use unclaimed bodies of people, who die in the absence of food and medicine, and also some mentally-disturbed people who die in accidents.

The principal of the medical college and hospital said the business of human skulls and bones is illegal. He, however, claimed not such business take place in his institution.

Meanwhile, police have said they would look into the matter.