In a series of explosive tweets Steph, who is expecting her first child with Jeremy McConnell, targeted Mario and accused him of “wanting” her “for years”.

In a now deleted message, the Celebrity Big Brother alumni wrote: “Oooo mario please please don’t chat me up for years and Wind Sam up, even Jeremy …. U clearly wanted me all to my self happy new year”.
To which Mario responded: “you actually need medical help… I have screen shots of everything… Please leave me out of your melt down”.

Fired up, Stephanie refused to back down and launched a wordy tirade against the Towie regular.
“Oooo mario u a bit dry from trying it on with me when I was with Sam, THAT I know he would back me up on saying u love me and all the S**t I have on you….”

She went on: “U want me to print your messages BEGGING me then .. Standard i was close to jezz so u get closer, did u ever tell Him of the dates u took me on? Meeting buddy and trying to get me a when every time I said….NO”.
And it wasn’t long before the emotional actress brought Mario’s ex Lucy Mecklenburgh into the arguement.

She said: “The way u treated Lucy, your a fine one for advice.. Oh wait… Another coke head wasn’t u pictured but called me for help s**t on someone Who has helped u and heard you cry…I’ll destroy u.

“@samreece even he will say how much of a sly p**** u are. Ps shave your head u P****.

“In fact… Here’s w few messages after being out with Jeremy and which I never told him of you wanting me… Shall I tweet and finish u off”.
Stephanie and Jeremy had a fiery on-off relationship while they dated after falling for one another in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Stephanie was dating model Sam Reece at the time, but broke things off so she could be with Jeremy, 28.

The pair – Steph and Jez – have been embroiled in online rants at one another since their recent break-up, with Jeremy accusing his ex of not really being pregnant.

In return, Steph has claimed the father of her child needs help for his “cocaine problem”.

Not finished yet, Stephanie’s afternoon rant went on and she continued: “Marino calling me asking for help when they video cam of doing coke yet hiring me whilst still messaging me..u told jezz that.
“Wanna be dragged into this u can but don’t speak to me on the phone and cry when u needed me like the p***y u are to slate me darling

“Both p**** …@mariofalcone sniffing and Jeremy, you should both turn gay, match made in killers heaven”.

Mario, who has enjoyed nights out with Jeremy, attempted to keep a dignified silence, but tweeted: “Not even going to bother responding.. I actually feel really sorry for the girl… How many more red flags till her family help her? Shame x”.
He then apologised to a man – also named Mario Falcone, but this time a security instructor based in Mexico – who’d got caught up in the drama after Stephanie wrongly used his Twitter handle in her tweets.

Mario joked: “Would like to take a second to apologise to @mariofalcone… Don’t worry, your all good.. Serves you right for having an awesome name X”