According to the Indian culture, people keep fasts or vrat for religious as well as health reasons.  It is believed that by keeping a fast you can become one with the universe and detoxify your body at the same time.

Each day in a week is dedicated to a particular deity. Saturday fast or ‘Shanivaar Vrat is considered to be the most auspicious weekday fast.

There are several legends attached to the significance of fasting on a Saturday. It is dedicated to the fearful God, Shani. According to the old scriptures, observing fast on a Saturday will keep adversity and misfortunes away from you.

Similarly, following Saptha Shanivaara Vratham or Sri Venkateswara  Swami 7 Saturday Vratham will protect you from all the calamities. Number seven means seven hills of Venkateswara   that will provide protection from all the sides. The seven Saturday fast is dedicated to Sri Venkateswara  .

Those who observe fast on a Saturday, wake up early in the morning followed by a head bath and put on black coloured clothes which are changed to yellow later in the evening. The fast is broken after you invite someone for a feast and food is offered to the person. This procedure is followed for seven Saturdays.

Devotees of Hanuman also keep a fast on Saturday as one of the tales reveal that it was Lord Hanuman who rescued Shani Dev from Ravana’s Lanka when it was set on fire by Hanuman.