Are spending all the money in just one night, Celebrate ‘youth’ celebration

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People to maintain their dignity in the society go to any extent. Look at the people of Latin America now. The girls arrive at the threshold of youth in the whole society Inwait Cveensinera name has to function, in which people are spending money frozen. Indeed, throughout the 15 years after the girl Cveensinera ritual plays. It is believed that this is the girl reaches puberty. The function of the girl who is dressed Princess. This is a night to remember for the next several years, some people are drowning in debt. For many years, people tend to accumulate money for Cveensinera …

Attracted by this ritual by photographer Delphine Cveensinera blast is captured in the photos. Click photos of the girls, 15, has no photographer has. In this photo of a girl named Melanie Inwait Cveensinera function was to close in 90 to guests. Girls in this function by turning heel sandals to wear flat shoes. It shows his youth.

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