At marriages, the bond between a father and his daughter is honored with the father daughter dance. Even schools will host dances for the fathers to attend with their daughters. As the first man in her life, it’s important that her father be the one to show her that she means something and is important. If you’re a father looking to strengthen the bond with your daughter, read on about why the father daughter relationship is important and what activities you can do with her.



tudies have shown that this first relationship will influence more of her life than you might realize. Without this relationship, young women grow up with low self-esteem, a low self-image, and their opinions about men are very skewed. According to Michael Austin, associate professor at Eastern Kentucky University, a father should live his life with integrity, honesty, no hypocrisy, and admissions of his own shortcomings.

By living in such a way, your daughter will have an example to follow that’s realistic – as opposed to fairy tale princes – and positive. If you’re having trouble showing such a life to your daughter, try taking seven days to become a better person with this course. Do it for her, and do it for yourself because you’re both worth it.

  • A Father’s Influence on Her Self-Esteem and More

A daughter needs encouragement and involvement from her father. His words and time spent with her help lower her insecurity and increase the confidence she holds in her own abilities. Dr. Canfield believes that a daughter who doesn’t have such a relationship with her father will end up frozen in time as far as her future relationships with men. A longing to fill the void her distant father left behind will cause her to take risks and make bad choices as far as her relationships.