With the festival season in full swing, it’s time to shine on, literally. So, besides glitter for your eye make-up and nails, it is time you move a step ahead. Here’s how you can do it…
Shift focus from eyelids to your eyebrows and add a dash of bronze-coloured shimmer. You can also try some above your cheekbones, right under your eyes to look like a diva! Needless to say, don’t try them both at the same time. Or maybe do.

  • With Navratri on, stick-on glitter tattoos on your shoulders, arms, wrist or even feet are a hit among revellers. Butterfly, peacock feather, angel wings are a few popular designs.
  • It may be risky, but instead of colouring your hair, adding glitter to its partitions for a temporary makeover could be an interesting option. For those with straight hair, touching the tips of your hair with some shimmer can add some quirk to the look.
  • Say goodbye to earrings with this year’s hot trend, the ear make-up. This involves using glitter to highlight your earlobes or the borders of your inner and outer ear.