While the whole B-world was busy savoring the festivity at Spain and having a gala time, Sonam slipped away to Los Angeles to have more of ‘Me’ time.If she thinks that she can escape the glam-cam, then it’s a ‘No-No’, as we very closely follow our favorites and admire their beauty.It was an all white day for our actress in Chloe. She picked a ruffled off-shoulder top over a pair of stark white culottes. To the soothing outfit, she added little swing with her tan colored handbag and loafers.Sonam picked a pair of shoulder length metallic earrings that had an antique look about it. Cherish Brooke Hill, the makeup and hair stylist, gave the lady a neat rosy blush, dark winged eyeliner, and perfect bubblegum pink lips.The stylist pinned the well nourished tresses into a high messy bun and finished her look in finesse.