It is common to see actors putting in extra effort to fit into their character for a particular film. Some have lost weight, while some have had to put on weight, even others have gone bald and that is what Sonam Kapoor too has in mind. While she is refered to as the glam diva, Sonam does not shy when it coes to experimenting with her looks for a film.

 In ‘Neerja’, she wore a wig for the role of an air-hotess and in her next films if the need arises she is ready to go completely bald too. Her nicely shaped head would look good even she went bald is what she feels.
Earlier there were reports that film makers Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra and Sanjay Leela Bhansali  had approached her with a film which had her sporting a bald look but both films never took off. However, Sonam was ready for the bold change in look and is open to it even now since according to her beauty is not only about your outer appearance but also about the inner beauty that radiates from within.