When Sonakshi Sinha entered Bollywood with ‘Dabangg’ in 2010, she had had her share of backhanded compliments. People found her ‘voluptuous’ and her candour mistaken for arrogance. But determined as she was to make her mark in the cut throat world of Bollywood, Sonakshi decided to brazen it out and move on.
According to Sonakshi, ‘Akira’, is a celebration of girl power and in the movie she has reinvented herself as a fighter who refuses to turn the other cheek.

Sonakshi was quoted as saying that Akira deals with the subject of self-defence, ragging, acid attacks and, not to mention, corruption. “Since I have always been a Dabangg girl, I didn’t have any problem doing this role. And, moreover, I don’t have a bone to pick with those who are more concerned about my weight and physique. You really cannot change people’s mentality and mindset overnight,” says Sonakshi.

Since Sonakshi’s role was off the beaten track, she had to learn martial arts and make it look as real and convincing as possible. Asked to comment on Anurag Kashyap, who plays the villain in the movie, Sonakshi says he is a good actor who has done justice to his role.
After ‘Mardaani’ (2014) in which Rani Mukerjee played a tough cop, ‘Akira’ is another woman-centric movie with lots of martial arts. Sonakshi feels happy that gone are the days when heroes would rule the roost in Bollywood and women played second fiddle. “The audience wants to see something different now. They don’t mind watching a woman making mincemeat of goons as long as it looks convincing,” says the actress, who is playing the role of a RAW agent in her next ‘Force 2’.