“Modern Indian woman is not one who speaks in English or one who wears modern clothes but she is the one who has her own values, follows tradition and education to bring about a change in the society,” said Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan here on Friday. She further said that we tend to get influenced by the language and fashion of the Western World but on the contrary we should focus more on the way they have achieved growth. “We try to adjust ourselves as per our convenience and forget what is necessary,” said Soha Ali Khan.

 In an interactive session with the members of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Soha spoke about the need of security and education for women empowerment. “Security for women needs to focussed on every section of the society. Today the society is undergoing huge change as many men are coming forward to help their wives and daughters in house-hold work and several other things,” she added.
Speaking about her family back-ground, Soha, said, “People at times tend to think that since we have an elevated status, so things are easier for us. But this is not the case, with elevated status comes great responsibility and one has to adhere to that,”More than 50 members of FLO Indore chapter were present at the session aimed at encouraging women to empower themselves.
Meghna Wadhwani, Chaiperson, FLO Indore Chapter, said, “Real growth will happen only when women will help each other irrespective of their status. Education brings in security for the women and the more it is widespread, women will become more secured,”