Just when you thought there’s no one who could cross the level that Rakhi Sawant has set in her quest to gain publicity, there comes Gaia Mother Sofia to prove you wrong. The former Bigg Boss contestant, Sofia Hayat stunned the world when she decided to turn into a nun from a model. While the spiritually inclined avatar was a shock, it left a sense of pleasure to the many who believe in spirituality. But if you are in the quest for inner peace, would you actually stay online 24*7 to give live updates of your enlightenment? Highly unlikely!
And this is why we feel Gaia Mother Sofia is almost half way through in becoming the next Rakhi Sawant. Or has she already crossed that stage? Well, we’ll just let you decide.

In her bid to find inner peace, Sofia Hayat aka the Gaia Mother, travelled to the Kailash Temple in Aurangabad. Intending to learn more about the Gods, Sofia set out on the pilgrimage and even shared several images of the holy place on her Insta account. While it was tremendous to witness the sight, it was what Sofia did next that irked the lot of us! Here’s what she had to say…
“Kailash temple in Aurangabad is so so powerful. I couldn’t breathe. I felt a massive magnetic energy draw my head to the Shiv Lingh. I was shaking for 1 hr. I could not lift my head from the Shiv Lingh it was stuck like a magnetic. Something so powerful is happening. Om namah shivaya. My body is changing.”
Great! Sofia sure did attain some enlightenment by the likes of it, and we’re happy to hear it! But hold your horses, the self-proclaimed mother has more to share…
“Today I know I gave birth to Shiva. Today he came back to me and is inside me.”
Wait! What???
“I felt scared for such a big powerful change in my body. I am changing back to who I am. The Gods are coming back. The power in me is so great. Shiva is here inside me. It is so powerful I am shaking in my very soul. The time is here. Sacred children it is here.”
Okay… now, we just can’t stop laughing! Guess Gaia Mother has the concept of ‘enlightenment’ terribly mixed up with something else!And while Sofia’s mixed-up concepts might offend a few of you, let’s just move on and give you something else to laugh at. Recently, the mother decided to eat some beetroot. And while the vegetable is extremely nutritious to the body, turns out it did more than merely nourish Sofia’s body. And if you’re wondering what marvellous transformation a beetroot induced, wait till you reach the last slide to have a hearty laugh!
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