TV actress Sneha Wagh, who has got fame and name in her professional life, is not so happy in her personal life. Sneha is going through a tough time in he married life.
The actress entered the industry leaving behind a failed marriage. After years of staying single, she tied the knot again on January 29 last year with Anurag Solanki, an interior designer. They met through a common friend and her parents approved of the match.
On the same a friend has been quoted by a publication saying, “Her first marriage ended because of domestic violence. The second one didn’t work because of increasing differences between the estranged couple. It was an arranged marriage of sorts, which lasted only eight months.
The perfect wedding went downhill within a few months. Cracks have deepened in their relationship and there is no chance of their differences being resolved. They have been living separately since the last three months and will soon be divorced.”
Well, Sneha refused to comment anything when asked by the publication she said, “This is not the right time to talk about it.”