Canada is a great country. Each year, many people tend to hang out. But some of this beautiful country is strange law which is about surprise. If you are Canadian and not know about these laws, too, can get into trouble. It can go to jail …
Snake can not take place in public
Fredericton lizard or snake to move in public place is illegal. They go into a public place has to use the cage or container. Failure to comply with the law, you may have to go to jail for it.

Climbing trees is prohibited
Oshawa climbing trees is against the law. By law, no person or trees located on the property of Munsipl Corporation can damage any property. Travel to and from the trees to migrate together and climb up on it more.
Horn is not approved
Ontario bicycles are prohibited in any sirens. Any horn, bell Anugual noise is considered.
Abuse is a crime in a public park
Revile in public park in Toronto’s offense. The government believes that no one in the park, do not get into a fight or violent tendencies.
The driver could not wear t-shirts
Nova Scotia Helifaks taxi driver can not wear T-shirts. As the military would wear jackets. If the caller and Sliws. In addition, they can also wear ankle Lathes, trousers and shirts.
Confined to house music
Windsor Park in Ontario musical instruments, office or any other place residents are not allowed to play on. According to the law to remove any musical instrument and sound to disturb the peace.
Rat can not buy
Owning Rats in Canada is not easy. For this you will have to seek permission. You can not buy and sell the rat alive.
Will not pay the bill costly
Hotels in Ontario, if you do not pay the bill in two weeks or train your horse to the hotel’s authority is auctioned. It is believed that in the back of the horse or the cart will come.
Illegal to witchcraft
Illegal in Canada is considered witchcraft. If any magic sorcery to deceive anyone found guilty of such punishment if she is entitled to. In Canada, if not all, do not try to pay you big.