Twitter is having a good laugh at this war of words between Smriti Irani and Ashok Choudhary, which started over a dig at the HRD ministry and left Irani red faced
The Union HRD minister had a hard time in a recent twitter battle with Dr Ashok Choudhary, the Bihar Congress president, when she raised a brow at being addressed as ‘Dear’.
Choudhary, who is also Bihar’s education minister, had a lesson ready for Irani and responded by saying professional mails start with ‘dear’ and that she should pay attention to her ministry instead of hovering over trivial matters.
Smriti Irani was quick to divert the topic by pointing out that Bihar was the only state that hadn’t taken part in grass root consultations for education policy.In response, Choudhary took a dig at the Sangh Parivar, claiming the Modi regime was just a bag full of lies and fake promises.
The exchange of words didn’t end here. The HRD minister used sarcasm to hit back at the Bihar Congress president, saying,Choudhary was not be outdone. He replied that he has shared a link of HRD ministry’s report of Bihar’s consultation on educational policies.
Twitter is having a good laugh at this battle. Smriti Irani has often been involved in tiffs on twitter with critics, rivals and journalists. Social media was quick to ridicule the minister, with many criticising her for overreacting.