It is said that eyes speak a thousand words. Smokey eyes makeup looks attractive and each of us wants to know more about it. It is an ideal look for the parties and functions. Smokey eyes look really beautiful and go well with every outfit. This makeup is mostly portrayed for night time events. Usually, you see your favorite celebrities wearing this perfect eye look and wish if you could have one.

We, therefore, bring to you in detail, how to do Smokey eyes followed by make-up tips and tricks.

1. Make Sure Your Makeup Stays for Longer Duration

Make sure your makeup stays for longer duration

First and foremost, before you think about how to make Smokey eyes step by step, it is very much important that your makeup should stay for a longer duration. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid smearing. As a first step, always apply a primer and blend it properly over the eyelids and under eyes. This will keep the eye makeup intact for several hours, thereby preventing smearing.

2. Use Concealer

Use concealer

Most of us have dark circle problems and it will definitely spoil the look. Therefore use a concealer under your eyes. With the help of a makeup brush, dab concealer beneath the eyes and blend it properly. Follow it up with a translucent powder to get ready for the perfect look.

3. Use Eyelash Curler

Use eyelash curler

To get sexy eye lashes, use the eyelash curler. It is easy to use this curler. You need to clamp down the eyelashes with this curler and hold it for 5-10 seconds before releasing it. You will get the perfect eyelash curls for the sultry eyes. In case, you want these curls to last longer, it is better to heat curler by blowing hot air to it before curling and then use the same.

4. Decide the Eye Shadow

Decide the eye shadow

The next step is to decide which eye shadow you want to apply on the eyes. It is important to know  It is always better to select dark eye shadow for Smokey eyes. You can use the usual shades like black, brown or gray shades. If you want to have unique sexy eyes, you can opt for blue, green or golden shimmery shades as well. It gives a spark to your eye makeup. Use an angled brush and apply the shadow on the lower lash lines.

5. Use Eye Pencil

Use eye pencil

Use an eye pencil to define the outlines of the eyes. Gently draw a line on the top and bottom eyelashes. Remember, not to have any gaps in between the lines. It will give an ugly appearance to the eyes.

6. Use Highlighter

Use highlighter

Always use a highlighter which tends to open up the eye area. Apply the highlighter on the brow lines and in the corners of the eyes. It is better to use a shimmery highlighter for attractive eyes. Also, do not apply the highlighter all over the eyelids. This will mask the effect of Smokey eyes.

7. Apply Mascara

Apply mascara

The final step is to apply mascara over the curled eyelashes giving it the perfect look. Start applying the mascara from the root of the lashes and proceed towards the tip. Close your eyes and allow the mascara to dry. It may otherwise lead to smudging.

After having learned the basics of how to do Smokey eyes, we should explore different aspects about the same. It is a common observation that people have black, brown, green or the less common blue eyes. It is essential to know how to apply Smokey eye makeup for the various shades of black or brown eyes.