Many singers aspire to become famous. However, it isn’t a cakewalk, and singer Javed Ali can vouch for that. The vocalist reveals that though he entered the Hindi music industry in 2000, he earned popularity only in 2007 with his song ‘Ek din teri raahon mein’ (Naqaab).
“It has been a long struggle. A lot of singers entered the industry with me. A lot of them struggled. Many have not been able to make it but some have sustained,” says Javed. The ‘Kun faya kun’ (Rockstar; 2011) singer adds that while the struggle was a long one, he was never pushed to call it quits. “I never doubted the fact that I could make it. I always believed in myself. I had a positive approach, and keeping that in mind, I came from Delhi to Mumbai,” he says.
The singer acknowledges the fact that the reason why the music industry has witnessed a significant change today is because of the audience. “It is the era of new sounds and techniques,” he says, adding, “The audience, too, longs for such a change. They are always up for listening to something new and don’t want to stick to the routine. Earlier, composers and directors asked singers which actors they wanted to sing for. But today, every singer can sing for any actor.”
Javed goes on to talk about the declining shelf life of songs these days. “The reason for that is the audiences’ easy accessibility to music. By the time one song gains popularity, another one is introduced. The number of films and composers has increased. There are too many things happening at the same time. So, it’s natural that people’s minds will wander over many things as well,” he says.