Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that he has given lot of funds for cleanliness of storm-water drains and up gradation of KMC hospitals. While paying surprise visit he said, “Today, I come here to witness the condition of the hospitals and the city so that after utilisation of funds I can compare the difference.”

The Sindh chief minister paid surprise visit on Monday at three different locations of Sobhraj Hospital, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and at Gujjar Nala.

Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro, Health Secretary Narejo and Commissioner Karachi Asif Hyder Shah accompanied him during the surprise visit.

The chief minister said that he has released over Rs1.9 billion for up-gradation of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) hospitals, repair and maintenance of important roads and cleanliness of drains.

He said, “I have also given them some extra funds to lift filth and garbage accumulated at different locations of the city added that the purpose of his visit of the city was to witness the condition of KMC hospitals, drains and rapid response centres set up to help heat stroke affectees, if any.”

He expressed his displeasure that the illegal encroachment has appeared along the drains. The CM said, “The drains which had width of over 30 feet have now reduced to seven to eight feet because people have constructed their houses on and along them.” He said, “How it is possible for such squeezed drains to discharge storm water and waste water together. Definitely, they would get choked and start gushing out water on to the roads and streets. This is how the cities are inundated.”

The chief minister said that this is our city and it is our duty to keep it neat and clean, green and free from all kind of encroachments but nobody gave it ownership even those who always claim to be its sole custodians.

He observed and said that what has been done with this city can be imagined from the fact that all its amenity plots have been sold, lush green trees chopped and allowed encroachment every where even on the drains and drains, this is why every citizen is facing serious problems even those who live on the drains because their children slip down while plying along the drains.

While talking about the conditions of the Sobhraj and Abbasi Shaheed hospitals, he said they need special attention. Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro is taking his personal interest to upgrade them and equip them with necessary gadgets. He said, “I am quite satisfied that the city district administration including KMC, DMCs and Health Department have collectively made good arrangements by setting up heatstroke care centers.” He said, “I am sure this time rapid response, in case of any emergency, would protect life of innocent citizens.”

The chief minister said that he had personally requested the prime minister to direct Ministry of Water and Power to reduce load shedding in Karachi and rest of the province. He said, “Sorry to say nothing has been done so far and the load-shedding is on the increase ever since temperature has gone up.”

The chief minister directed the local government minister to work out a detailed plan to shift the encroacher’s from drains so that cleanliness work could be undertaken in a proper way.

It is pertinent to mention here that Daily Times had disclosed deteriorated conditions of various hospitals and mismanagement and malpractices in different departments during the procurements of medical apparatus two days back.