Finally, we get a glimpse of what Kangana Ranaut’s Simran is all about. Directed by Hansal Mehta, this is the first time the actor and director have collaborated. And we’ve gotta admit, the teaser looks very promising. From whatever we’ve seen in the teaser, it’s quite evident that the plot does revolve around Sandeep Kaur, who was arrested for conning and conducting bank heists in the US. While the real story has a grim end, somehow the theme of this teaser seems more mellow. There’s no seriousness in the teaser instead, it has a very slice of life kind of feel. But don’t be deluded by it because there’s going to be some bank robberies done by the actress!

Just as we stated in our EXCLUSIVE scoop, the teaser does have Kangana clad in a housemaid’s uniform. She definitely looks pretty cute in it. Apart from that, we had mentioned how her love interest, Sohum Shah, will be shown in the teaser. If you notice carefully, you’ll catch a glimpse of the actor sitting behind Kangana in a restaurant.Throughout the clip, there is no dialogue whatsoever but a peppy background score. The diva dons various shades of characters in this film. She’s not just Prafull Patel (her character) but will be constantly changing her persona so as to suit the situation. Check out the teaser below!

While she does look refreshing in the teaser, we can’t help but notice how certain scenes take us back to her previous films like Queen and Tanu Weds Manu. From the cute girl-next-door to a total badass, we see a range of personalities portrayed by her. You can tell us if you feel the same too, in the comments box below. According to records, Sandeep Kaur is an Indian, who is currently serving her jail term in the US, due to her notorious bank heists. After engaging in gambling and losing a lot of money, Sandeep’s inability to pay off the debts resulted in her resorting to robbery.