Pregnancy might be one of the best phases in the life of a couple but only when they plan it well. A lot of times accidental pregnancies also happen where the couple does not want the baby due to a lot of reasons. In such cases, women prefer to abort the child. It is quite an offence if we see it from the humanity perspective but then if you have finally decided for an abortion, it is always better to use the natural home remedies for the purpose rather than surgical methods that can have its side effects.

Angelica :

This is one natural product that helps in activating the contractions as well as the monthly periods in a woman. It should be taken 4 times in a day in a cup of warm water. Use only 5-15 falls of the natural product. It is bound to help you achieve the goals.

2. Hot Shower :

A regular hot shower is another of the home remedies that can help women in abortion practice. This should be combined with the intake of herbs or the natural products mentioned here. It will surely help in a safe way to get the right results.

3. Black Cohosh :

This is one herb that makes the uterus ready for abortion and has to be followed by intake of red cohosh. This will not generate the abortion completely but will lead to it. There might be certain side effects associated with the herb but then that is quite a temporary one. Try and adhere to this and consult the dose with a known herbalist.

4. Have Vitamin C Foods :

Vitamin C has natural properties of being a contraceptive and is a good home remedy for abortion. Include citrus fruits in good amounts. This should especially be done when you have monthly periods time and have a feeling of pregnancy. It will help.

5. Papaya :An easy way out where a home remedy for abortion is concerned is to have papaya. Papaya is known to lead to miscarriages in a lot of women and is the right way to get the goals of abortion.