Battling dodgy, dry and lacklustre skin? Change of season and weather can often result in a change of how your skin behaves. If you have sensitive skin, it can become more unbalanced leaving it blotchy and prone to blemishes. This is a great time to listen to the changing needs of your skin and update your skincare regime.

 Combat dry skin — exfoliateThere’s no better way to rid your face of dead skin than to exfoliate it well. Carrying out an extra deep treatment to spring clean your face will instantly improve texture and reveal a brighter, fresher complexion. Here’s how: Apply a creamy exfoliant generously to dry skin after cleansing and leave to dry for five minutes. Support the side of your face with one hand to stop skin from pulling and with long sweeping movements across your face, use your other hand to ‘flake away’ the cream. (It’s a good idea to put your face over the bathroom sink as the product will flake away, removing the build-up of old, dull cells with it). Remove excess by rinsing with warm water. Follow up with a serum or certified organic facial oil and moisturiser.

 Rehydrate all over with a multi-purpose balm Multi-tasking beauty products have to be the best spring beauty hack of them all. A multi-purpose balm is great for keeping lips moisturised and healthy. You can use a liberal amount on nails and cuticles for a subtle shine and buffed look and it does a brilliant job of grooming eyebrows — it helps them grow better and healthier too! A great balm will also act as a brilliant emergency hair product as well, helping to tame frizz and create definition and texture in the ends.

  Use a serum to add a protective barrier If your skin gets a bit unpredictable between seasons, prone to sensitivity or spring-time allergies, a serum which helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function is the way to go. Use a serum that calms inflammation, soothes sensitivity and delivers gentle hydration.

 Load up on antioxidants Antioxidants are important to help combat environmental damage caused by the harsh summer season. Experts believe as much as 80 per cent of skin ageing is caused by free radical damage, sources of which include pollution, sun exposure, diet and stress. It’s easier to prevent the signs of ageing than to cure them. Use products that protect the skin by binding with free radicals, preventing them from attaching to healthy skin cells in a process termed quenching