If you’re in a new relationship and are wondering if this is for keeps, there are a few telltale signs that your new-found love is rock solid

You’re on the same page 

If a couple’s priorities aren’t aligned, it could spell future disaster. First of all, you need to be on the same page about whether you’re in an exclusive relationship or not before thinking about whether you have the same vision for your future and the relationship. You may hit rough waters if, for example, one of you is into going out and getting drunk all the time, while the other wants to settle down and move on from that lifestyle. Or if one is focused on their career and has no interest in having children, while the other wants to build a big family.

Neither of you is afraid to admit when you’re wrong 

We all make mistakes. They certainly aren’t an unfamiliar phenomenon – but not all of us can admit to our blunders and work towards fixing them. If in the early stages of the relationship both of you are honest about the mistakes you’ve made and are able to admit that you’re wrong and find common ground, then it’s a sign of a healthy relationship. But remember, any form of abuse is no mistake and shouldn’t be treated lightly.

External forces don’t influence your relationship 

While a relationship should concern only the two people involved, many allow forces outside the relationship to steer it. Letting controlling friends and family members affect your relationship can cause a lot of tension and could result in you breaking up.

Time flies when you’re together 

It’s obviously a terrible sign if you don’t look forward to spending time with your new partner. But if this is the right fit, then seeing your other half is all you look forward to. It’s an especially good sign if every time you’re together, time seems to fly. It means you’re able to have good conversation – an important feature of any long-term relationship.