Friends form the most integral part of one’s life. It isn’t only about going out for dinners or watching movies. We list out some of the most important signs to look for, if you want to find out whether your friend is there for you.

He or she is always happy for you
A true friendship is one where friends keep their fingers crossed for each other and do whatever they can to contribute to the positive outcome. If you have one such person in your life, you should be thankful for it.

Believes in healthy competition
Unlike colleagues in your workplace, your friend shares an emotional bond with you and does not contest for anything with you. So if your friend celebrates your success, you can bet there’s nothing but true friendship going on there. You should be happy for your best friend even when things are not going right in your life.

Makes honesty a priority
Let’s be clear. There is nothing that can hold two friends together except honesty. But honesty does not mean that you make your opinions sound hurtful. Real friends do give each other advice that often includes comments about new boyfriends, outfits, lifestyles etc.

Is non-intrusive in your life
While a friend is the one who has all the right to advise you on what to do in your life and what not, the person does not start directing you as he/she desires. Throwing subtle hints is what your friend does to make you understand that what you are doing is probably not right.

Is always there for you

It isn’t only about accompanying you for movies or going out for dinners with you. A friend should be someone who you can call at four in the morning and share your problems with. A friend knows that you will always need him or her for something that is more than just partying etc. A friend is one who will always be there for you emotionally — whether you ask for it or not.
 Listens to you no matter what
 No matter how many times you end up talking about the same thing, your friend is someone who will always hear you out. There is no limit to patience when it comes to friendship. It is a give and take relationship . Even if it is a petty issue, rest assured your friend will always be there for you.
 Adapts well with you
 He/she is someone who will always adapt to your ways; and you will to theirs. Great friends are those who truly care for one another and will always find a common ground. You don’t need to push yourself or your friend into a certain lifestyle, they just adapt to it