Microsoft has decided to make a few changes to its Account service and Skype account, which now require the user to sign into the Xbox Services at least one in the preceding 5 years to keep the gamertag associated with the account. This move has been taken to free up user tags that have not been used in a long time.Microsoft has added a prohibition on posting of terrorist content, in its Code of Conduct section. The company has also added a section for group messaging services, and Bing Places services. Microsoft has also added a new section for Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band for customers who are living outside of China.The provisions requiring separate terms for business organisations providing access to private store experiences, have been deleted. The Skype section has been updated to address changes in Skype Manager functionality, and there is an addition for GroupMe services.Here are the list of some other top changes that Microsoft has announcedIn the Payment Terms section, we’ve clarified that customers agree to keep their account and payment information up to date. We’ve also clarified procedures for automatic renewal of Services. For customers living outside of the United States and China, we’ve also added that some transactions might require foreign currency conversion or be processed in another country.In the Xbox Live and Microsoft Studios Games and Applications section, we’ve clarified that, if allowed by your Xbox privacy settings, Microsoft can publish your name, gamertag, gamerpic, motto, avatar, and games that you’ve played in communications to people on your Xbox friends list.For customers living in the United States, in the Rewards section, we’ve added offers that will qualify for points under the Rewards Program. We’ve also updated eligibility requirements for the Rewards Program and noted that you must log in at least once in a 180-day period to retain your Rewards Program account.