With his father in merchant navy and brother a banker, Delhi boy Sidharth Malhotra would possibly have never thought of a
career in Bollywood. A while ago, nobody would have imagined the actor picking the best of scripts and having the top
names being cast alongside him. But the big reality is here for all to see.
Recounting his struggling days in the film industry, Sid shares it was an intimidating process to secure his place in the
industry. Stating that his job as an actor is no less than a (public) service, the actor adds, “I do look at it like going to an
office. Maybe the people change every day, every hour, and I am under a lot of pressure; but it’s a job and I don’t take my
work home with me, which is different from a lot of people I know in the industry,” says the model-turned-actor in an
interview to GQ magazine.

“(Also) maintaining a successful life within the industry is like walking a tightrope. You can’t believe you’re the biggest,
because everything will go off balance. I think my background helps me with that. I can always go back to my family in Delhi
and see things from the outside. Right now, it’s more about progress than perfection. As long there’s progression, I’m
happy. Who knows when I’m going to hit that level where I get something amazing or make something iconic?” says the 31
Talking about iconic and unexpected, Sid apparently did not know that he was being paired alongside Katrina Kaif for his
upcoming film, Baar Baar Dekho. And neither did Katrina know he’d be her co-star. “I can probably ‘brag’ about that,” he
Just like any newcomer in the industry, Sid was also optimistic, though he admits he was wrong in assuming that things
would get easier. “Every film, you start from zero. We’re also at a stage where audiences think about content before actors,
which is different from the previous generation. We don’t have such a blind fan following,” says the actor.