Like his character in Baar Baar Dekho, Sidharth Malhotra was commitment phobic. Is he still so? An interview.

This year started with a bang for you with Kapoor & Sons doing well. Are you expecting to repeat the feat with Baar Baar Dekho?

Definitely. I am very optimistic. This year started with me doing a family drama that was made in a contemporary vein (Kapoor & Sons) — we didn’t do anything larger than life in that film. Now, Baar Baar Dekho too is a romantic film treated as a new-age love story. It has a nice concept. If I can pull off a family drama and a love story, I will party at the end of the year.

Is the film similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife?

I think the only thing common is the time jumping part; otherwise the film has nothing in common with any other film. There are no similarities. The screenplay hasn’t been robbed. It is an original screenplay of Sri Rao which Nitya Mehra has adapted.

This is your first film with Katrina Kaif. Was it easy to break the ice with her?

Yes, we broke the ice as soon as we met. As an actor when we do a love story it is necessary to know your co-actor because we are pretending to fall in love. In this film, our characters are not falling in love; we have been in love since eight years. So we needed to project familiarity. Before the shoot we did workshops together. In the first workshop I just had to sit in front of Katrina her and stare into her eyes for 15 minutes which was a great job to do — imagine staring at Katrina Kaif! She was the one who blinked first. That’s how the ice broke. I discovered that Katrina is hard-working. Her one big positive quality is that she does not take her position for granted.

Could you relate to your character, Jai Verma?

Yes, to a great degree because he represents a huge portion of the youth today. The youth today is career oriented; these days nobody plans to have a family at 20. Boys especially run away from commitment, they want to make money first. Even though my character has a girlfriend, Diya, he is commitment phobic.

Are you commitment phobic in real life?

I have been till now. I have been focusing on my career for the last 8 years. I came to Mumbai to become an actor and had tunnel vision — I did not look left or right during this time. I made friends, yes, but I didn’t focus on a special person. But now I have understood that a balance is very important.

Does one conclude that you are ready for a relationship?

I won’t say ready but yes I have understood the value of it. I am still enjoying not having any responsibilities.

The film shows you at different ages; where do you picture yourself at the age of 35, 46 and 60?

35 is very close … I see myself doing movies and producing movies based on scripts that I approve of. I will strike a balance between my personal and professional life by then. Who knows, if I find a right person I will settle down in the near future.

At the age of 46 I would like to look just as I do now and receive compliments … just as women are complimenting my 40-year-old look created especially for the film. Women are appreciating it more than my 30s look. And at 60 I hope I will be still working and be fit too. I wish my creative juices are still functioning at 60. I would hate to sit idle at home at any age.